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Red-Off is a clean, aerial and visual cartomagic technique. You'll find in this tutorial multiple close-up angles, all filmed in slow motion, to allow a good understanding of the technique.


In addition to the technique, you will find an original, deceiving and stylish routine! Even if it seems impossible, this routine is made without any gaff or gimmick, only with sleight of hand.


I have revisited old techniques such as Push-Off (Laurie Ireland, 1935) and Air Drop Transformation (Hofzinser, 1902) to offer you a technique and routine that will fool spectators and magicians!


"As usual, originality and research in subtleties... I LOVE IT 🤩 ! It's really great and I hope that magicians will be faithful to you in your research and quality creations 😉" — Mickaël Stutzinger

7,50 €Price
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