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Red Add-On

Red Add-On

Of all the multiple forces I know, Red Add-On is my favourite! It is inspired by Bill Goodwin's version of Larry Jennings' force called Optical Add-On. In my Red Add-On version, the cards are not staggered, neither at the beginning nor at the end, which makes it totally invisible.


In my tutorial video, you will find really new things, especially about taking breaks, to do it in a natural and invisible way. These ideas will also help you to improve the fluidity of your routines that use breaks.


Personally, I use this technique when I start a routine with 4 aces or when I do a book test.


The explanations video is clear and detailed and will allow you to learn how to master this underground technique.


"This technique is superb and invisible. There is a real research behind this movement, especially on the positions that are essential to master the technique. Go for it, take it, because you won't be disappointed!" — Alexis, Moderator of The Club

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