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Pendulum Intuition

Pendulum Intuition

A card is chosen and lost in the deck. The deck is spread on the table. A pendulum is passed over the deck and begins to move over a group of cards. These small numbers of cards are then spread separately on the table. The pendulum is passed again over the cards and the pendulum begins to move clearly over one card. The card is revealed : it’s the card of the spectator. This is a good magic trick right ?

One day, I dreamed that this trick was done totally by the spectator, thanks to his intuition. I never touch the deck. I never touch the spectator. I never touch the pendulum. I never touch anything. I just speak and the magic is happening in the spectator's hands. This was a real miracle. You think it’s Impossible? You are wrong. This is Pendulum Intuition!


  • Pure mentalism: no gimmick, no magnet, all objects can be borrowed, totally free choice, card lost by the spectator, magic takes place in the spectator's hands
  • Contents: 10 pages booklet, written in French and English, illustrated with photos. You will get all the psychological subtleties I came up with in the past years to achieve this impossible trick: a new technique to control the pendulum, alternatives if some techniques do not suit you or do not work, an alternative to do the trick without any manipulation and sources to go further with the pendulum.
  • Not included: pendulum, deck of cards, mat.



“This is sorcery...” — Alexis, Moderator of The Club


“I've used it in lots of different contexts: bar close-ups, events, in the middle of the Amazon rainforest... Pendulum Intuition is a brutal concept, every time I use it it's unbelievable.” — Paulin

15,00 €Price
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