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French Control

French Control

French Control is a variation of the Lift Shuffle, a very old control published by Henri De Manche in Modern Conjuror in 1902. Unfortunately, it suffers from angle problems, very well described in Roberto Giobbi's Modern Cartomagie course (p. 226). I have added subtleties to clear the back and right angles, for a right-handed person, and make the control totally invisible and 360°.


I really like this move because it is easy to perform and you only shuffle once, unlike other controls where the overhand shuffle is repeated several times to bring the card on top.

I've been using this control every day for 15 years! It fools the spectators as well as the magicians! When looking at the end of the video, I’m even fooling myself! As you can see in the video, the move is pure, completely natural, and looks like a spectator shuffle, without any flourish. It's really a control for the workers!

The explanations are easy to understand, clear and detailed. Every beginner will be able to learn it and an intermediate level magician will be able to master it completely.


"When you have an overhand shuffle control like that who needs anything fancier?" — Jocu Playing Cards


"You fooled me!" — Dani DaOrtiz

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